Projects Ideas turned into reality through concepts

All the projects are idealized and elaborated considering an multidisciplinary approach, whether being considered evaluation criterium of the artistic and patrimonial pontential of the existing building and respecting the vernacular character of the surrounding space in case of rehabilitation, whether choosing the organic symbiosis between men's expectations and the natural environment, in case of new buildings.
These principles, allied to a conceptualization of the key-aspects of the project and the depuration of the building techniques, allow a unique and customized results, considering the necessities of those who will enjoy and inhabit the new spaces.

Technical consulting - recognize options and contact current legislation

Whatever is the choosen option, you should always look up for a second opinion, evaluate imponderable options and have knowledge of legal and economicals patterns of the area. Only technical assistance and profissional advice, before and along the investment process, allow you to decide qualifiedly and securely each step you should take.

Architechtural surveying - be acquainted yours patrimony potential

On a building's remodelation or rehabilitation, architechtural surveying is always the first process to be executed. This precoss is equally indispensable for recognition of the building's patrimonial potential, as with the purpose of fiscal evaluation , as for posterior project's execution.
It is different on scale, components and details to execute, depending on building's type, area and/or the surveying purpose. That allows to recognize and reproduct trully all the architectural features and constituent elements of the built set.


All the projects need many steps. Phasis as demolition, land movements, stability, structure, nets and final touch depends many times on intervention of profissinals whose not connected to building construction.
These works are on the responsible of areas as Archeology, Restoration, specility projects elaboration ou Interiors Architecture projects.
Besides the architecture projects, others activities are part of the specialized services we offer.